The Dragonfly Thrift Boutique accepts the services of all volunteers and individuals who may need to complete court ordered community service hours with the understanding that such service is at the sole discretion of the Dragonfly Thrift Boutique.  Every volunteer is an important part of the effort to help women put prison in the past.  When committed individuals join together to help, lives can change for the better.  We welcome you to our dedicated family of members, employees and volunteers and we thank you for your commitment.  Again, we thank you, and we trust that your time spent volunteering at the Boutique will be rewarding.  Our great staff of volunteers are men, women and young adults from all walks of life.  We make use of their special talents and skills.  Consequently, every effort will be made to match the interest and skills of each volunteer with our needs.  The most important qualification to be a volunteer though, is to have a caring heart and a sharing personality.


Purpose of Our Boutique


  • Physical ground zero for LEAP’s paid retail training internship. 

  • Provides meaningful post-release job opportunities.

  • The first source of post-prison income/Experience/References for women.

  • 100% of the boutique’s proceeds supports LEAP’S mission. 


1.  Volunteer and Employee Code


 A volunteer is subject to the same code of ethics that govern members of the Dragonfly Thrift Boutique and LEAP staff and employees.

  • To uphold the spirit of the Thrift Boutique Mission Statement

  • To regard all information as confidential

  • To be professional and pleasant at all times

  • To follow the instructions of the person under whom you are working

  • To foster an environment of friendship and camaraderie.


 A volunteer represents the organization to the public.  Your actions and attitudes should always reflect well upon the Dragonfly Thrift Boutique and LEAP.


2.  You and Management

We do not have a set schedule for volunteers but reliable times are desired. Many volunteers prefer to come in daily for 3-4 hours and others may come in once or twice a week.  We will make great effort to accommodate volunteers to times, skills and preferences.  Volunteers also must sign a form stating that they have been given, and that they have read and understood, this volunteer handbook.


  • The day-to-day management of your volunteer activity is the basic responsibility of the Manager/Assistant Manager.  The role Management is to provide guidance and to help you help the Thrift Boutique more effectively.


  • The Manager/Assistant Manager is responsible for and has the authority to:

  • Assign work

  • Train and develop volunteers

  • The Manager/Assistant Manager will answer any questions you may have concerning the performance of your volunteer work. If there is something you do not understand about what you have been asked to do, discuss it with the Manager/Assistant Manager

  • Select or Separate Employees/Volunteers.


3.  Expectations

  1. Attendance and Punctuality

    • Volunteers will report to the Boutique Manager or the Assistant Boutique Manager.  Each volunteer needs to record their hours.  Time sheets will be located in the Boutique office.  Time should be recorded at the beginning and at the end of the volunteer visit.  The Boutique asks all volunteers to report punctually for their shifts and to work their scheduled hours.  Please contact the Boutique Manager or the Assistant Boutique Manager if you will be tardy or are unable to be present.  Volunteers are welcome to use the office area.  During business hours, please park at the rear of the building.

    • During volunteer hours, wear a Volunteer name tag or approved t-shirt provided by the Thrift Boutique.

    • Maintain a courteous and professional manner at all times.  A neat appearance and positive attitude are imperative.

    • Work where help is needed throughout the Boutique and/or as assigned by the Manager/Assistant Manager.

    • When possible, fill in the Volunteer monthly calendar for days you plan to volunteer.

    • Breaks.   Short breaks are permitted for increased efficiency or productivity.  If you should need a break, please speak with the Manager/Assistant Manager and let them know.

  • Do not carry open drinks in the customer areas.

  • The Manager/Assistant Manager will provide you with an overview of jobs that need to be done for the day.  It is up to you to inform the Manager/Assistant Manager where you would feel comfortable or would like to work.  Ask questions if you do not fully understand what is required of you.


4.  Training and Development

  • When you first begin volunteering, you are given a general orientation by the Manger or Assistant Manager.  There is some immediate on-the-job training given by these individuals or someone delegated by these individuals so that you know exactly what tasks and what procedures are used.  If at any time you have questions, please ask.


5.  Safety

  1. Safety, Injury and Incidents on the Job.

  2. We appreciate the help of our volunteers in watching and reporting unsafe situations.  Safety is the responsibility of everyone. Please report all injuries, regardless of how small, that occur on Boutique property or while on duty, to management immediately.  Volunteers are excluded from our basic Liability Insurance policy.  Any claims in excess of the volunteer's personal insurance will not be filed with our carrier.  A report must be made with Boutique management at time of injury.

  • Your good health and welfare are important to The Thrift Boutique. You are a valuable volunteer and we need you helping us not at home with an injury.  Accident prevention is your responsibility.  In order to remain injury free, you must comply with all safety rules and regulations. Report any safety violations or hazardous conditions you may observe.  If you are injured, you must report your injury immediately to The Manager or Assistant Manager.

  • The Thrift Boutique maintains a Fire Plan.  All volunteers will read and be familiar with the Fire Plan.


6.  Harassment, Abuse or Violence in the Workplace

  • The members and staff of the Dragonfly Thrift Boutique and LEAP are utterly committed to fostering an "inviting" environment for all customers, employees and volunteers.  It is this spirit of friendship and goodwill that is the secret of our success both; to attract customers and to retain our volunteers.  The Boutique will not tolerate any threats of violence, physical or verbal, any forms of harassment, any displays of abusive or aggressive behavior, nor any purposeful destruction of Boutique or coworker's property.  Please report all complaints to Boutique Manager.


7.  Substance Abuse


  • Smoking is permitted only outdoors and away from public doorways.  Smoking in the retail area and all other work areas is prohibited by fire and safety regulations.  Because of liabilities, a volunteer's children under the age of (16) may not be present during a volunteer’s hours.  We ask that volunteers not bring friends along to their volunteer assignments without approval from the Boutique management.


  • The Boutique must maintain an environment that is free from drugs and alcohol and the effects of drugs and alcohol.  Volunteers are prohibited from the use, sale, dispensing, distribution, possession, or manufacturing of illegal drugs, controlled substances, narcotics or alcoholic beverages on Boutique premises.


8.  Theft and Fraud


All items donated to the organization, whether at the Boutique, inside Boutique trucks or vehicles, or still at donation sites awaiting pick-up, are property of the Society.  Tips, money or items found with or in donated material are to be turned over to Boutique management.  Removal of money or articles without payment or the approval of management will be considered theft.

​9.  Personal Belongings


  • The Dragonfly Thrift Boutique is not responsible for the personal property of volunteers.  Besides clothing, food and necessary items, volunteers are discouraged from bringing personal property into the Boutique without identifying it to the Boutique Manager.  Such items can be mistaken with donated materials and the Dragonfly Thrift Boutique property.  Lunches, snacks and refreshments may be brought in but are permitted in the office and kitchen areas only.

  1. Personal Appearance


  • Our policy for the Boutique is that each volunteer’s dress, grooming and personal hygiene should be appropriate to the work situation.  Common sense should dictate.  Different styles will be appropriate depending on the season, degree of customer contact, hours worked, nature of the work, safety of the work and medical conditions.   Name tags are to be worn at all times. These can be left at the Boutique at the end of a shift. Inappropriate dress includes: Short skirts or short shorts, cropped, tank tops or low-cut tops, any clothing with inappropriate wording or symbols, any clothing deemed inappropriate for safety reasons such as sandals or flip-flops.


10.  Volunteer and Employee Purchase Policy


There are many underlying reasons for the purchase policy below.  It is vital that we value each donation and respect the wish of the donor that the proceeds from the sale of their items are directed for the good of the community.  It is also important that our customers have the first opportunity to purchase donated items.  Our staff, employees and volunteers can not appear to have "first-pick" rights over customers.  This could seriously damage our market appeal, not to mention our integrity in the community.  WE CAN NOT STRESS THIS CONCEPT ENOUGH.


Purchase Rules


  • We cannot allow for items to be "set-aside" or "specially priced."

  • All saleable items must be on the sales floor for 24 hours before an employee or volunteer may purchase them.

  • All shopping must be done after your completed work time.

  • All purchases must be made through the Manager.

  • The Manager is authorized to inspect all packages on Boutique premises.

  • Resale of purchases is not permitted.   Any theft or violations of the employee purchase rules may result in suspension or termination.


The Dragonfly Thrift Boutique reserves the right to interpret practices, rules and policies herein described. The Boutique may make changes to these policies and practices if and when deemed appropriate. These policies will be reviewed regularly and approved by the LEAP Board of Directors. Volunteers who wish to recommend changes may do so presenting them to the Manager.


Volunteer Checklist TBD


Donation intake volunteers will sort, price, clean and stock donations. These volunteers will:

Hang, sort, fold and price clothing and linens
Test, clean and price electronics
Keep books stocked ad organized
Move furniture in store and warehouse


We also need volunteers who can provide some repairs and minor maintenance in buildings.


And, a "greeter" in our thrift store on Saturdays to help with personal shopping experience.


Tax Benefits When you perform services as a volunteer for charity you may be able to deduct some of your costs such as mileage, as a charitable contribution.  IRS publication #526 concerning charitable contributions is available by calling 1-800-829-3676 or on line at

Can you claim mileage for volunteer work on your taxes?

Mileage: You can deduct the cost of getting to and from the place you volunteerusing your vehicle. If you do not want to figure the exact cost of gas and oil used, youcan calculate your deduction using the rate of 14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations.

Can you deduct expenses for volunteer work?

Ask the charity about its tax-exempt status. You can also visit and use the Select Check tool to see if the group is qualified. You may be able to deduct unreimbursed travel expenses you pay while serving as a volunteer. You can't deduct the value of your time or services.


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